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Welcome on Voyageiro, welcome on our digital guide platform.

Who we are?
What is Voyageiro?
How did we start?
What is our goal?

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Who we are?

Hello, I am Sam Wouters and the owner of I am a passionate travel lover. I like to discover new cultures and learn from others. This is the ideal way to enrich your mind and for self-reflection. It also allows you to introduce new things in your own life and grow further as a human in the world.

Share with others

Aside of this, I also like to give to others, share my experiences. Because it feels so good to be able to share with others, connect with people. That is the reason why I started with my travel blogs and digital travel content accounts.

What is Voyageiro?

Voyageiro is a project to inform you with inside information of different European locations. To give your next trip another twist. City guides and road trips, tips and tricks, do's and don'ts. All out of personal experiences. We bring you this guided information on many digital platforms: here on our site, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. We also have free online audio guides on Smart-Guide. In the future, we also want to start with a podcast. All digital platforms, ideal to share content, inform people and share our passion with travel lovers like you.

Voyageiro as a contraction

Voyageiro also is a contraction of a lot of words: "voyage", "voyager", "voyageur", "viagem" and the Portuguese way to indicate a person who indicates a profession (-eiro). The reason we made a link to French and Portuguese words and the Romance languages is because our inspiration started after my first journey to Lisbon. Because, it was there that I fell in love with Lisbon, Portugal and travelling.

How did we start?

In the previous section, I already told that I started my travel blogs after my first journey in Lisbon, Portugal. So, my first blog I started is This blog gives only information about Portugal, the most western country of continental Europe. Afterwards, I started with a side project to share my travel pictures: Galeria Sámuel. On Etsy, I also sell some digital artworks of these pictures. You can take a look by clicking this link.

Expand with other countries

finally, I wanted to have a project to cover all my travel experiences through Europe. Where I can share this information with other travel lovers, like you. Travellers who also want to discover a city or country, with a more local feeling, more inside information. That was the reason to start with Voyageiro and bring my experiences to you.

What is our goal?

As you already learned, I love to travel and discover. It feels so good, if you can give something to another. So that is our goal, to share with travel lovers like you. Give, share and inform, so that you also are able to travel more like a local, that you also can discover and travel with passion to experience other facets as a tourist. Come out of the traditional tourist areas, discover hidden gems by yourself and ways to feel more like a local when you discover a city, a country or a region.

Enjoy your time and happy travel vibes

Thanks to visit our site, enjoy your time and make wonderful journeys through Europe and our world.

Discover and travel with passion.

Sam Wouters,

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